Valedictory gathering at Axedale 1899

from Bendigo Advertiser, Monday 19 June 1899, page 3

Quite a large gathering of children and others connected with the Axedale state School assembled on Friday evening in the schoolroom at the invitation of the head teacher (Mr. S.E. Adams) to do honour to Miss Balmer who is giving up her position as workmistress in the school.  Soon after dark, the little ones gathered,, and games, mostly of a novel kind, were heartily indulged in by the youngsters.  Cake-eating contests and an elephant ride caused much amusement.

At 8 O’Clock a capital programme of music etc was initiated. The state school, assisted by a few scholars from St. Mary’s Roman Catholic School, with the kind acquiescence of Miss Kennedy, the teacher, gave a most attractive performance.  every item was rendered with evident enjoyment by the little ones, whose sweet singing and graceful actions reflected the greatest credit on all concerned in their training.  Among the soloists were Daisy Cundall who sang “Who’ll be my Valentine”, and had to repeat it by special request.

Mary Jones who gave “Katie Farrell” very acceptably, and Tensie Connell who sang “Robin Redbreast” with much sweetness. “Sally Horner was rendered with notable expression by Daisy Cundill and Eileen Hanson both very little ones, and the last mentioned little lady sang “I’m going to write to Papa”, and performed a step dance very gracefully.

Mr. T. Drake gave a very interesting musical interlude with flageolet, bellows, glasses, etc.

The children’s choruses were “When the soldiers beat their drum” and “Four Jolly Smiths” (with anvil accompaniment). A concerted piece, “Railway Trains” caused a deal of amusement, and the children who took the parts of guard (W. Winzar), porter (L. Allen), obstreperous passengers etc deserve special mengion.

Class recitations, “Which Love Best”, and “The Crusaders Motto”, were effectively rendered and very amusing action rhymes, (written by the head teacher) were given as follows: “The girl and the mudlark”, “Lollipops”, “Washing Day”, “The Birdie’s song”, “Swing song”, and nursery rhymes re-written.

Almost all items on the programme were given in character.  a special treat was the rendition of song’s dialogues, andinstrumental selections on the gramaphone, very kindly lent and manipulated by Mr. John Heffernan.

At the conclusion of this part of the programme, an enjoyable supper was partaken of, after which Mr. W.S. Cahill (chairman of the Board of Advice), who had kindly consented to take the chair for the evening, referred in appreciatory tersm, to the good work Miss Balmer had done during the five or six years she had been connected with the school.

Mr. Adams  also spoke of his lady assistant in highly complimentary terms, making reference to her schokastic abilities, and amiability. Mr. Cahill then, on behalf of the children, presented her with a very nice gold bracelet, bearing a suitable inscription, loud cheers being given for Miss Balmer

Cheers were also given for the head teacher and votes of thanks too Mr. Cahill (on the motion of Mr. Kerr), to Mr. Drake, who lent piano and lamps, to Miss Kennedy, who also gave assistance in several ways, and to the many other ladies and gentlemen who had assisted, brought to a conclusion a most enjoyable evening’s entertainment.














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