Fatal Accident at Derrinal Railway Station

from: The Bendigo Independant, Thursday 1 November 1900, page 4












A man whose name is not definitely known but who is supposed to be an engine driver from Fosterville named Howe, met with a fatal accident at Derrinal, on the Heathcote Line about 10 o’clock on Tuesday night.
It appears from the information to hand that the deceased was riding a horse towards Derrinal from Knowsley. when he lost control of it and it bolted. It entered the station yard at the Derrinal ailway station and passing underneath, a wire which was staying a post, the rider was thrown off. The station mistress and other people who were nearby heard the groans of the man and went to his assistance. He was found to be unconscious, and on his being removed to the Black Swan Hotel which is a mile distant, the poor fellow expired, A messenger was despatched for Dr. Esler,of Heathcote, who on arrival formally pronounced life to be extinct. The matter was reported to the police and an enquiry was to have taken place last evening.

(Punctuation and paragraphs  have been added to the above transcription for ease and speed of reading)

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