A New Church for Axedale 1868

From: McIvor Times and Rodney Advertiser, Friday 25 September 1868, page 2

September 22nd, 1868.
We are glad to see signs of progress, as every new bridge and road are the means of helping to develop the resources of the Colony, and we would wish that the construction of roads and bridges were much more rapid than they now are, as it would materially assist in opening up the country.

Another feature of progress, which we are always delighted to observe, where the people are settling, is that they have not forgotten the good old institutions of their Fatherland, such as the church and the school. Axedale has had for many years a Roman Catholic Church, and now the Presbyterians have begun, what promises to be a very nice church of bluestone, which will be an ornament to the township of Axedale.

We understand the ceremony of laying the foundation stone is to be performed by the Rev. J. Nish, of Sandhurst, to whom most of the people of that persuasion belong; but it has recently been connected with the Heathcote district, and the minister, the Rev. D. Renton, also the Rev. J. W. Inglis, of Sandridge, and J. M. L. Abernethy, of Eaglehawk, will take part in the proceedings.

There has also been an application to the Board of Education for a grant to a Common School, which will no doubt be complied with, and thereby supply a want much felt in that place; so that before long the township of Axedale will be able to boast of two substantial churches and a common school. The Foresters’ Hall has, for the present, been kindly placed at the disposal of the committee, and the school will be opened on Monday next, under the management of Mr. George McKay.


AXEDALE. (1868, September 25). The McIvor Times and Rodney Advertiser (Heathcote, Vic. : 1863 – 1918), p. 2. Retrieved September 10, 2020, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article93690135

St. Andrew’s Uniting Church, Axedale, 150th Anniversary Celebration Booklet 10 March 2019,

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