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 Axedale Then and Now is an official worldwide “One Place Study”. I’m sure most will be wondering what is a One Place Study.

A One Place Study is a designated study of a particular city, town, village or area.   Axedale is the only One Place Study being done in Victoria at the moment.  Most family historians, while researching their family history, do a little research on the place where their ancestors settled. A One Place Study doesn’t focus on any particular family. The focus is on the place and it’s people, regardless of any relationship to the person recording the information.

A One Place Study aims to report on everything that occurs or has occurred in a particular place, including geographical, the people living or who lived in a community, community activities, education, employment, business.  Anything that occurs or occurred in a particular area, at a particular time can be recorded on a One Place Study. Old newspaper articles and official records will also be a focus of this study.

Eventually this One Place Study will build a historical picture of Axedale and those who have lived there. It is my intention that this  One Place Study of Axedale will become a resource for anyone wishing to research their family history or find out more about Axedale and the surrounding area.

If you have information that you would like to have included in Axedale’s One Place Study, don’t hesitate to contact me either in the comments below or by email.

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