Axedale News 3 & 10 September 1878

From: Bendigo Advertiser, Tuesday 3 September 1878, page 2

Monday evening

The weather for the past few days has been splendid. On Wednesday I took a drive as far as McCormick’s saw mill, but found that it had been removed two or three miles further up the creek to where there is a better supply of timber, The timber cut is mostly for claims, though there is machinery for cutting all kinds of timber. Much difficulty is experienced in getting the timber to Sandhurst. The roads are heavy;in fact almost impassable. In coming home I encountered a terrific thunderstorm. The rain fell in torrents, and the lightning at times was very vivid. The weather is again splendid.

The church-going people of Axedale are determined not to keep their church door open. The gentleman who drew up the “code of laws ” respecting the management and conducting of the business—inviting the minister, etc. —has only put in an appearance once since.

The minister has been weeding out the sheep from the goats, and has so effectually done his work that very few remain to be converted. In consequence of this, he announced that if no more penitents could be found the doors would have to be closed.


From: Bendigo Advertiser, Tuesday 10 September 1878, page 3

Monday, 9th September.

Last Monday was a red letter day in the history of the local board of advice. They visited all the schools in the district, and, I believe, found everything as it ought to be. They held their usual meeting on the same day.

The ploughing match is not likely to come off, unless the subscription lists are more liberally patronised, but we can hardly expect farmers at this season of the year to respond so liberally as they could in the harvest season. The match, if it should come off, is to be held in Mr. Conroy’s paddock, near the Perseverance Hotel.

Mrs. O’Grady died very suddenly the other day, at the Wild Duck Creek. She was universally respected, and has left a widower, with six young children, to mourn their loss. The funeral was the largest that ever entered Heathcote.

The Presbyterians have at last thrown off their lethargic habits, and are now not only convinced of their wrongdoing in keeping a nice little church closed, but on Sunday they actually had a minister officiating, and he is, I believe, to officiate every Sunday.

I am glad to notice that Mr. M. Boyle’s Fairy carried off the Sapling Stakes at the late Northern Coursing Meeting. Mr. Boyle’s dogs are very well bred, but he has been singularly unlucky with them. Mr. Tierney’s Flora did not show up at all, as expected.

The splendid weather of late has made a marked improvement in the crops and orchards. There is a magnificent show of blossom, and should the frost not prove very severe there will be a fine fruit harvest.

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AXEDALE. (1878, September 10). Bendigo Advertiser (Vic. : 1855 – 1918), p. 3. Retrieved September 10, 2020, from

St. Andrew’s Uniting Church, Axedale, 150th Anniversary Celebration Booklet 10 March 2019,


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