About AOTOF – Axedale Our Town Our Future

Local community group Axedale Our Town – Our Future, known as AOTOF, was formed in 2007, with the purpose of putting together a local community plan. Since this group formed, there has been much work done by the committee and members, to make improvements to Axedale, and also to the lives of the people in the community of Axedale and surrounds.

The committee of AOTOF have developed a community plan, which was a collaboration with the local community and the City of Greater Bendigo. When this plan was put into place, it was intended that everything on the plan would be enacted by the end of 2022. Covid-19 has caused the plan to be slightly behind where expected, but it is still a work in progress.

The AOTOF committee is sectioned into portfolios, with committee members, choosing the portfolio that is of interest to them. The portfolios are as follows”

* Community Portfolio
* Community Resilience Portfolio
* Events Portfolio
* Communications Portfolio

As a result of the Axedale Community Plan, many events, both informative and fun, now appear regularly on the local calendar. Axedale is now a vibrant community, due to the hard work done by committed locals.

Community members are always welcome to attend and contribute to AOTOF meetings. At the moment, however, due to Covid-19, the meetings are held virtually. If you are interested in attending, leave me a comment and I will ensure you have the necessary information.


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