Affiliation Case Axedale 1904

From:  Bendigo Advertiser, Tuesday, 20 September 1904, page 4


Much time was taken up at the City Court yesterday in hearing a ease in which Bridget McGrath, a young unmarried woman, proceeded against James Hawkins, for the maintenance of his illegitimate child. The parties both reside in the Axedale district. Mr. Kirby appeared for complainant, and Mr. O’Halloran for defendant.

In answer to Mr. Kirby, complainant stated that on the 10th October Inst. Hawkins, who is the son of a neighbor, in company with a man named Frawley, came to her home. She gave them afternoon tea, and the two men then went outside to sharpen their axes. After doing this, Frawley departed, and witness went out to take in some clothes off the line.

She took them into her bedroom, and Hawkins followed her, and took advantage of her. About the first of May, she asked Hawkins to marry her, her sister Nellie, also asking him. Hawkins was promised a farm, and a sum of money, if he would marry her, but he refused. She had been put to a good deal of expense by her confinement. Ellen McGrath, sister of the previous witness, deposed, that when she found out her sister’s condition, she spoke to Hawkins. He denied the paternity, and said he had only put his hands on complainant’s shoulder.

James Hawkins, the defendant, denied on oath having anything to do with Miss McGrath on the day mentioned. He admitted, however, being at the house for some time on that day, but nothing unusual occurred. It was only about 10 minutes from the time Frawley left, till Nellie Hawkins arrived at the house. .

After taking farther evidence, the magistrates adjourned the court for 10 minutes, to consider their verdict. On returning, Mr. Moore P.M., said that they had decided that the complainant had proved her case.

An order was made for the payment of 7/6 per week, with £10 pre-maternity expenses, and £3/7 costs. The defendant was ordered to find one surety of £50, as a guarantee that he will comply with the order. On the application of Mr. O’Halloran, three days were allowed, to find the surety.

*Please note Punctuation and paragraphs have been added to the above transcription for ease and speed of reading

“AFFILIATION CASE.” Bendigo Advertiser (Vic. : 1855 – 1918) 20 September 1904: 4. Web. 11 Sep 2020 <;.

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