Fatal Accident at Axedale 1886 #OnePlaceTragedy

The Society for One-Place Studies have put out a series of prompts for One Place Study bloggers and for Social Media posts. I was very keen to include Axedale Then and Now, as prompts such as these, make me stop and think and often lead to me publishing posts on topics that I may not have thought about, otherwise. They also keep me accountable. The prompt for February is Tragedy.

From: Bendigo Advertiser, Tuesday 18 May 1886, Page 2

From: Bendigo Advertiser, Tuesday 18 May 1886, Page 2


The district coroner, Mr R. Strickland, P.M., held a magisterial inquiry, at the Bendigo Hospital, into the cause of the death of a farmer named James Conroy, who was admitted into the hospital on the 3lst of March last, and died on Sunday, as reported in our issue of yesterday.

Patrick Conroy, a farmer, residing :at Axe Creek, deposed that the deceased, his father, was a widower, 60 years of age. On the 30th of March last, deceased left his home to go to the Perseverance Hotel in order to meet a baker, and obtain the week’s supply of bread. Next day witness was informed that the deceased had been found in the Axe Creek, near the hotel. Deceased suffered from bad eyes, and witness had no doubt but that he had accidentally fallen into the culvert. Witness had frequently seen the deceased in the hospital since the accident, but the latter never blamed anyone for the accident.

John Ryan, a laborer residing at the Campaspie, deposed that on the 30th inst., he, the deceased, and others were in the Perseverance hotel drinking. Deceased left the hotel about ten o’clock at night, no doubt the worse for liquor. Next morning early, as witness was crossing the bridge he heard a man moaning. On looking over the bridge witness saw the deceased lying on his back in the creek. Assistance was obtained, and the deceased was removed to the hospital. In answer to a question from witness, deceased told him that he did not know how he got into the creek. There was an opening in the bridge at the place which was dangerous to the travelling public.

Dr. Colquhoun, resident surgeon at the Bendigo Hospital, deposed that the deceased was brought to that institution on the 31st March, suffering from fracture of several ribs on the left side, which lacerated the lungs. He gradually sank and died on Sunday 16th instant.

A verdict was recorded to the effect that the deceased died from injuries received through accidentally falling over a culvert at Axe Creek.

*Please note Punctuation and paragraphs have been added to the above transcription for ease and speed of reading

FATAL ACCIDENT AT AXEDALE. (1886, May 18). Bendigo Advertiser (Vic. : 1855 – 1918), p. 2. Retrieved February 16, 2021, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article88542862

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